The object of Unplugged Systems’ Tic-Tac-Toe Adventure is to get three of your marks (either Xs or Os for the 2-Player Mode or just Xs for the 1-Player Mode) in a row -- either up and down, side-to-side, or diagonally.

2-Player Mode

The game will first default to the 2-Player Mode. Player 1 is assigned the Xs and Player 2, the Os. The asterisks by the name of the player and the green color denote which player is currently active. The player who is is inactive or waiting will have their name displayed in a red color. As each player takes his or her turn, the colors and asterisks will alternate to the active player.

Once on of the players has completed three marks in a row, an alert box will be displayed and applause will congratulate the winning player. If all the squares are filled in and neither player has won, an alert will be displayed announcing a tie has occurred.

At any time, the "New Game" button can be selected to zero out the markings and start over. The scoring of each players wins in the current mode of 2-Player or 1-Player will be displayed.

1-Player Mode

The 1-Player Mode is one where you play against the game. Once you pick a square, the game will automatically select a move for the second player. The game offers 3 different levels of play in this mode: 1 - Easy, 2 - Medium, and 3 - Expert.

To switch to the 1-Player Mode select the 1-Player  / 2-Player button. This will toggle the mode to the opposite state. In the 3.0 and later versions, the sides are sensitive so that you need to select the 1-Player button for the 1-Player mode and the 2-Player button for the 2-Player mode. Once the 1-Player Mode is entered, an alert will be displayed for the playing level.

The Easy Level will select squares at random so this is a good mode for beginners and younger children. The Medium Level will move randomly but it will move to block your wining moves. The Expert Level will move with a master level strategy that will move to win and also block your winning moves. The level is displayed in a button in the upper left-hand corner navigation bar.

The sound for the game only can be turned off or on but selecting the speaker icon in the upper right-hand corner navigation bar.


C.S. Lewis Trivia

Support & Questions

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Tic-Tac-Toe Adventure Directions

The C.S. Lewis Trivia iPhone application's home view lists  the seven categories of questions. Each category contains up to 20 questions. The user is able to pick one of four answers for each question. Bonus information may be available after answer and only if the correct answer is picked if the Expert Mode is turned on (go to the Settings tab).

The Resources tab contains a listing of  related resources that may be purchased online. The Settings tab contains controls for controlling: sound, the Expert Mode, and the Resume Mode. The Resume Mode will take the user to the last question displayed upon restarting the application.

The Scoring tab will display the users results per category. This view only has information available once questions have been answered.